UE4 for free

Hello there,
I was wondering, if I was totally new to this software and I want to learn about it by myself (not as student), is there a way I could get it for free just for the period I’m going to learn it? like the student package via github or something?
or can I just subscribe for 1 month to get the software then cancel sub and study it as long as I need?

also, If I’m going to develope an app for iOs/android, is there a whole different approach to making a game via the engine or just the final procedures that count? thanks.

there is no free version but you can subscribe cancel and keep using the engine for as long as you want.

There’s no ‘free’ version of the engine, per-say. If you’re a student, you can gain access to the engine, but you’ll still need to pay royalties on whatever you develop - assuming it’s a commercial product.

You can, however, subscribe for one month and then cancel. Though, this will mean not having access to the latest updates (which are pretty consistent and awesome so far!). You keep whatever you’ve downloaded (including all marketplace content that Epic’s released thus far and full source code), though.

If you’re developing for mobile platforms (including Android and iOS) then you’ll want to keep strict goals in mind and optimize all you’re assets. The overall pipeline and the like, remains the same.

Thanks for both, I get it now. :slight_smile: