UE4 for animation rendering

Hi all.

Can I use UE4 not for creating a game itself but for rendering animations for short movies, advertisment and so on? I don’t ask about technology and way of doing that-but if You have some experience You are more than welcome to share it. I want to ask about licence. I understand that if i want to create game costs are simply like 19 bucks monthly plus 5% of a revenue but what if I want to create Movie/Video/Still picture - publish it in internet (e.g. Youtube (with advertising) / website with google adsense) or just sell it to a client (typical commercial use)?

Do I need to pay this 5% for a movie? If Yes - how to calculate revenue?

thanks a lot!

"No royalties are due on the following:

Ancillary products, including t-shirts, CDs, plushies, action figures and books. The exception is items with embedded data or information, such as QR codes, that affect the operation of the product.
Consulting and work-for-hire services using the engine. This applies to architects using the engine to create visualizations as well as consultants receiving a development fee.
Linear media, including movies, animated films and cartoons distributed as video.
Cabinet-based arcade games and amusement park rides.
Truly free games and apps (with no associated revenue)."

Well that is unexpected. Really good news. Thanks for the info, Lumicide!