UE4 for 2D art


From some time i am looking for a tool which will help me to upgrade my workflow. Basically I want a tool which has the fastest learning curve and allows to pose characters almost freely which I can later use in my 2d art workflow. As for this moment i am at loss between Blender and UE4. Which will be easier and faster to learn? I don’t want to create something difficult in 3d mostly test poses, perspective and lighting maybe with a bit of basic environment.|

Hope my question is not too stupid. I really searched all around the web for the good and fast tool

UE4 is a terrible choice for this, while you can technically pose characters in UE4, it is not convenient. That may change a bit in the future as Control Rig rolls out and gets documented but even then, every character in UE4 still has to have a skeleton and be weight painted in some other external program.

Blender will work better but what you should really be using is probably something like Daz Studio. It was designed specifically for tasks like this.