UE4 Folder structure?

OK idk if its me but whats up with the folder handling in UE4? im a stickler for folder structure (animations have its own folder, marketplace assets has its own folder etc) every time i decide to manage my project something breaks and alot of times have to do things over, or if i delete a folder sometimes its not deleted in windows explorer which causes more issues

sorry if this has been talked about before but its been killing me lol


About base directory structure you can read in this document:

This is a list of directories whose order can not be changed

And inside catalog Content, you can do all as you wish. And all Copy, Move or Delete, you must do in Content Browser, this will avoid errors.

nice , ill have a look thank you

See this is my issue when i delete folder or anything for that matter and 85% of the time the folder is still there in windows explorer (next time it happens ill screenshot it) and deleting thru content browser also crashed UE4 at times, ive literally spent all day rectifying folders

if i move a imported asset from marketplace everything breaks ((e.g. move cover animset pro to my own animations folder inside on Content) idk this has been a frustrating day i guess im only upset because i never experience this in Unity so its new to me and didnt expect UE4 to have such a problem

You always have to make sure to keep the folder structure -> otherwise they will loose their references. After that you can move the assets in the content browser. :slight_smile:

He is right, there are horrid bugs with the content browser. Deleting a folder doesn’t delete it (it reappears next launch) and moving an asset to a different folder requires you to handle redirectors (which also doesn’t work properly). Depending on the asset type it’s impossible to move it without breaking references.

Hi All,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread - this one comes up first in search results.

I find the content folder worfklow confusing when trying to use marketplace assets.
Half the Marketplace assets need the user to “create project” and half are “Add to project”.

The most difficult thing is not being able to really organise a content folder. if a user purchased 10 marketplace assets, they end up with many many folders in the root of their content folder.

I would love some advice on managing this. Is following example below the best way to use marketplace assets?

The user purchases multiple Marketplace assets. For example: “AnimationPack01”, “DialogAnimations”, “SeatedAnimations”.
The 3 animation packs all support the “Add to Project” workflow.
Since these 3 packs are all “Animations” BUT the naming is inconsistent, the user wants to put all 3 into a subfolder called “MarketplaceAnimations”
If the user decides to do this, if one of the 3 animation packs is updated by the creator in the future, they must do the following:

  1. update the Marketplace item in the epic launcher
  2. create a new empty unreal project called “Test”.
  3. Open the “test” project and add an empty “MarketplaceAnimations” folder to this test project
  4. Close the project, return to the launcher and use the “Add to project” feature to add the updated pack to the empty “test” project.
  5. open the “test” project again and move the updated asset pack folder into the “MarketplaceAnimations” folder
  6. Migrate the entire “MarketplanceAnimations” folder from the “test” project to the user’s production project, overwriting all assets.

Is that workflow recommended? It seems to be the only way to keep a content folder slightly organised but still be able to update the assets again if they are updated.
Is there a better method?

Any input? This is the method I have been using and it has been allowing me to keep the content browser a bit organised, but makes updating marketplace assets a more involved process.
Would it be a better idea to copy/paste directly from the vaultcache and overwrite assets in windows explorer?

We absolutely need a way to organize assets on our own. This all wouldn’t be a problem, if the assets metadata could be edited, but they are binary black boxes.

Compared to the simplicity of the UDK GAD system, the content structure in UE4 is a horror story.
There are things you can do to better manage the process yourself outside of the Launcher etc…
But that still leaves a temptation to use Windows Explorer to rearrange / rename / move assets!

On projects that use alot of Marketplace assets, you are at the mercy of their naming conventions

Because of this, I put everything I create or modify into a 00Main Folder.

e.g. 00Main/Maps, 00Main/Hero, etc…

At least all the non marketplace stuff can be managed.