UE4 Flex Build Troubles

I am building the UE4 flex branch.
Setup.bat ran just fine.

When running Generate .bat I get an error cannot find path to Visual Studio 2012 and check Hkey. I am using 2013 as 2012 is no longer available for download. The requirements seemed to state that 2013 would be ok.

Do I edit the .bat to put in the path to 2013?

What would I do for the Hkey?



Try doing a repair on your visual studio 2013 installation, sounds like it isnt installed correctly.

Discovered I had 2015 installed alongside 2013. Uninstalled 2015 (and the 2015 C++ distributables). Repaired 2013,
still no dice.

So checking the HKEY, I don’t have InstallDir under that path. I have InstalledProducts.
Running VS Community 2013, Update 5.



There is also the cmd.exe is not a recognized command at the top of the error.

The second line of GenerateProjectFiles.bat.

cmd.exe /v /c “%~dp0Engine\Build\BatchFiles\CopyVisualizers.bat”

So if cmd.exe is not recognized?

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If you open a command window, and type “cmd.exe,” does it properly run that command?
If not, then your PATH variable has been corrupted. You can type “path” in a command line window to see what it’s set at.
You can then edit it in the Environment Variables system setting. Remember that the PATH is the composite of the for-everyone, and per-user, PATH values, so you have to check both places.

Got it. Was not checking the user PATH, just the system PATH.

Works now!