UE4 Flat edges around imported heightmap

I’m having a problem when I import heightmaps from worldmachine. There is flat edges about 20 feet in length that surround the map.
I found a screenshot on the internet, but on my map it’s only about 20 feet in length and it surrounds the whole map.

I think i remember hearing from a video that it’s a problem with importing and not matching the right sizes of terrain.

if you absolutely need me to get a screenshot, just ask.

Your heightmap resolution does not correspond with the resolutions UE4 supports, so it pads the heightmap to the nearest available resolution.

That is a list of recommended landscape sizes (the first column). If your height map was a different resolution than one of those when you imported it, then you will end up with results similar to what you have there.

Use a reselution of 1009 or 2017 or 4033 or 8129. When building the terrain.

Thanks for the replies, I will try these and respond with the outcome :slight_smile: