Ue4 fbx to blender

Has anyone had any luck exporting an fbx from unreal and porting into blender? I’ve tried and the only thing I get in blender is an oddly shaded box . I just want to import things over there to see how they’re made and mainly how they’re uv wrapped.

Just do a right click onto your mesh in your content browser -> export -> ok

Now import it and normally the mesh should now show up correctly ^^But probably it is too big so that you cant see it -> scale it down

Thats how it looks like after I have imported it:


afaik UE4 exports as fbx (ascii) which blender doesn’t support use the autodesk fbx converter to save it out as a fbx(binary) which blender should then import

But somehow I’m able to import every fbx model from the UE4 into blender 2.7 :slight_smile: (I just have to scale them down so that I can see them in the viewport)