UE4: Exporting my game

I’m really sick and tired of using so much time on my first game, and theres no where i can find a placere where exporting game in UE4 is explained (have had multiple threads on reddit)

If i do normal packaging to windows, the game can only be run by me, other people get errors and the resulutioner.

I expect that it needs some kind of installer to fix the errors with dlls.

Can anyone explain how i export the game so it will work for others than me and how i change the resulution

Sorry for my bad english

UE5??? :smiley:
You’re years ahead of us :slight_smile:

Regarding your problem, there’s some related stuff on the answer hub concerning your problem, so take a look over there :cool:

dat fail…

I have tried to find something, but everyone just say to package it.

Theres are so many tutorials and yet no at single one describes how to export at game proberbly

Please send the link.

I think they only need [Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013](Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013) installed on their machine (thats what I had to install anyway - missing msvcr120.dll). The resolution can be changed in the GameUserSettings.ini (“Name”\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor) or a console command if you give them the default win64 development instead of win32 shipping I think.

ResolutionSizeX=1280 ---------------------------------change this one 1920
ResolutionSizeY=720 ---------------------------- ----and this one 1080 for example
FullscreenMode=2 --------------------------------------set to 1 for full screen

You pretty much need to make a proper menu screen with all the option etc. but this works fine for testing stuff out.

does this thread help

here’s a link to the redist vs2013

I don’t have a link to the questions and answers, but I remember reading them a few weeks back.
Use the tag “packaging a game” to find related articles on the answer-hub :slight_smile:

That’s the one George :smiley:

Thanks alot guys. i dont know how to make a menu screen so im just gonna roll with this

When i change the resulution in the file, the exported game is still some weird resulution like 900x800 or something ?

here’s a basic menu system done by one of the community

haven’t tried it myself yet

In his video he dosent cover the resulution size, like you can change the size to 1920x1080. He covers scale and some other things

Here is an answer that I got from the Staff when asking a similar question on the AnswerHub:

“you could create the following file and populate it with the desired settings: /YourProject/Config/DefaultGameUserSettings.ini This file will then become the default for your project, and it should be included in packaged builds as well.”