UE4 Export Error - UV0 Unnamed

Hi, I’ve run into a small problem with the export asset feature in UE4.5. I’ve been optimizing some game assets, and as part of that process, I find an asset in our level and then press “ctrl+b” or right click and select “find in content browser”. Then I right click on said asset in the content browser and choose to export it as a .FBX. Now the issue is that when I open the .FBX in Modo, it is importing with an unnamed/undefined UV channel that cannot be edited or deleted, and occupies the uv0 position on the asset. Currently my workaround is to import the asset into an educational version of Maya, and then again re-export the asset as Maya seems to set an empty uv channel a default name of “map1”. I have reported the bug to the Foundry and they are aware of the issue however they recommended that I file a bug report with you as well as it seems to be an issue that could be resolved by both parties. There have been a few other Modo users who have experienced this bug, and there is a forum post about it here: Index. Thanks for your time.

Thank you for reporting this Shawn!