UE4 Experts required for VR game

Hey Everyone,

I’m putting a team together for a FPS VR game/project I foresee lasting 2-3 months (starting mid-Jan/Feb). Depending on your involvement you could be with us for the whole duration or just for a specific part of the works.

I would be interesting in speaking with people who have expertise (previous professional experience would be big bonus) in the following fields:

  • Server Programming (Prev. experience with AWS Gamelift would be ideal).
  • Sound (From producing to programming into UE4 (A-Z))
  • SFX
  • Any experts with UE4 Cinematic tool (Disclaimer: this will be more towards the back-end of the project but feel free to get in touch so we can keep in contact).

I also have a more “general” list:

  • Building/Asset producer/designer/developer
  • UE4 Programmer (Blueprint/C++ expert).

If this sounds of interest please get in touch via PM and I’ll give more information specific to you.

All the best!

Is this a paid gig or Rev Share? Not super clear in the post :slight_smile: Thanks!

Apologies, this will be a paid gig!