UE4.exe stops responding when the computer goes idle

Hello everyone

I posted a message before about this issue here, but I wasn’t sure of what was going on and it didn’t illustrate my problem correctly. I’m reposting my issue in General because it’s no longer related to ArchViz.

The problem is exactly what it says in the tittle, I just returned from lunch and I left the VR template project open to confirm it once again, when I returned, UE4 was not responding. This makes it impossible for me to bake lights during the night (which is essential).

  • It happens with both the screen on and off.
  • I have the latest drivers
  • Windows 10 with latest updates
  • Computer energy options are correct, and it won’t sleep, no screensaver
  • If I am using the computer (even during bakes + a bunch of other softwares), the problem doesn’t show up

PC Specs:
64GB Ram
2x GTX 980 Ti
2x SSD

Without proper knowledge on the subject, I suspect it’s because of windows 10, maybe it’s a placebo, but I’m thinking about doing one of two things:
1 - Clean Windows 10 install
2 - Clean Windows 7 install

Hoping that the problem would go away.

I’ve searched a lot but I can’t even find references to similar situations, a couple of friends also suspect that windows 10 might be the cause, but how can one know for sure?

I hope someone could help me solving this, let me know if there’s any useful information I may provide.

Thanks in advance

  • John

EDIT: Haha missread that. So forget any advice given before the edit…

First, check to see if it is eating up to much memory crashing when it runs out. If so, go to the answerhub for help. (I have heard of this happening… So might as well check.)

If that is not the case… Is this happening with any other software? Has it happened more than once?

If it happens with other programs, it is a windows problem for sure. If not… Try reinstalling the engine (Removing epic game launcher completely) if possible and try again.

Hope any of that gibberish i’ve spewed helps. :smiley:

Hi, it’s alright, thanks for your feedback.

It’s not eating up too much memory at all, it has nothing to do with the baking, it has everything to do with the computer going idle. I can safely dismiss this one.

It does not happen with any other software (including Swarm when baking). But a couple of weeks ago, I had 3-4 BSOD’s, after updating the drivers and Win10, it did not happen again.

Now… about reinstalling the engine, that’s a good point and I should try it before reinstalling windows, I didn’t even think of that, I’ll do it probably early next week and let’s see.


Did you find a solution? I have the same problem. If I left the computer for some time when i get back Unreal is not responding.

Same here. Any solution?

Same issue here. When I leave the editor open for some time to work in any other program, and trying to get back to UE, it doesn’t respond. I could say it happens to me every 5-7 replications. All other programs work fine. 4.24.3

Same here, as soon as the monitors go dark for power saving unreal is completely unresponsive and I have to kill it via taskmanager

Same here.

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