UE4 event dispatchers not working on Packaged build

For some reason the event dispatchers won’t work in packaged build UE4 and for some reason I have errors that crash the game, any ideas?

will send later on the logs if requested, or other stuff, any ideas? It’s like in the editor everything works but in the built game does not.

example I’ve set a event dispatcher to trigger when a practice target is down and for some reason it does not trigger in the level blueprint.

Good ideas I could use?

I fixed it* the player pawn variable was not present on the packaged build on BeginPlay(), I had to add a bit of delay, hacky way but works.
Anyways other stuff it’s not fixed in the packaged build. working on it : )

Player pawn wasn’t present on BeginPlay()… in what class? It’s risky to ever assume the presence of anything on BeginPlay() in a different class. Avoid it where you can.
Especially the order of initializing objects is different in cook than in editor.

Level Blueprint, not any class at all, thanks for the only response.

Sorry to rez this, but I got a similar problem.

Once packaged everything works (interaction, navigation etc.) except the Event dispatcher used for communication between a UI widget and the level BP (the player use a UI to change the sun position).

Can you please explain in more detail what you did with BeginPlay node and variables? A suggestion would be nice…

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I have the same problem now. Have you managed to find a solution to this yet?