Ue4 Error

I have a character that i have rigged with a biped in 3ds max. And i added a very basic animation to it just to get it into unreal. But when i put it in i got an error. when i preview the animation my character is turned 90 degrees and the animation is a bit morphed.And everything in 3ds max is fine. How can i fix .?


Does anyone know how to fix ?

I’m still having trouble with . Does anyone have any ideas what is causing ?

Can you try selecting your root bone in max, then switch the gizmo to rotation mode, and check that all three (x/y/z) axis rotation values are 0.0 (bottom right below the viewport)? I had a similar where the z-axis was rotated at -90 degrees, caused crazy physics problems when imported ( was a vehicle, but would probably affect a character the same).

Try that, let us know if that helps, or not… :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also can you show what the Output log says for the error? in the image above it says to see there for more details, that might help narrow it down if is not the.

Yeah, the output log may shed more info about and is always valuable for troubleshooting

Ok, Im using a Biped Rig. I went into figure mode and it was -90.0 Z so i changed that to 0.0. And it did something im not sure what. But i do not get the error when i import a animation anymore…but. My chacter still turns to the right.