UE4 error

Plz can anyone help me? everytime i try import something i need to wait 3-4min when i create a desctrutible mesh i need wait 3-4min when i rebuilt light my pc crashes plz help me :(i use: i5,6GB RAM, GTX550 Ti.The guy in this video uses UE4 normally and i need to do my work plz help!

Hi FatalGamesBR!

What is the vertex count of the mesh you are converting to a destructible?

Building lights can take some time, so that’s to be expected. To reduce unnecessary overhead however, always make sure to add a lightmass importance volume to your scene, encompassing all the important geometry, prior to building the lights.

16 vertex it’s very simple and i don’t understand why my UE4 crashes alot like that, even if i ocnvert to desctructible i don’t “break” anyway and when i try replay de breaking animation my UE4 crashes again ;-;

Make sure to report this on answerhub + also post your crash log (documents-unreal projects - your project - saved - logs - the file which gets generated after the crash) + which version do you use? https://answers.unrealengine/index.html :slight_smile: