[UE4] [Environment] Kelvingrove inspired art gallery - Critiques welcome!


Decided to post some work in progress of my personal project. This environment is based of the Kelvingrove art gallery in Glasgow.

Main reason for choosing this environment:

- Spitfire works as a strong focus point.
- interesting explorer/museum theme.


  • Personal portfolio project.
  • Creating strong compositions / scene layouts intended for game levels.
  • Test my lighting skills in Unreal Engine.
  • Learn more about high poly modelling. (Also sculpting)
  • Trying out Substance Designer.
  • New export workflow test from 3Ds max to Unreal. (I am currently using the plugin from Tom Shannon and it works great! Thx Tom.)
  • (Optional: combining an older scene/ lighttest from my previous work: maybe it fits the current theme)

Small selection of the references:




Latest lighting rig: Experiment with LPV. No lightmaps.


Ok. I’m thinking of changing the type of the aircraft.To something like this: Curtiss Falcon with an open engine. It can make it a bit more interesting. Or it could just make it too busy. I personally like the big single blade. It could also fit the ‘adventure/explorer’ theme. I will do a quick blockout to find out if it works.


I also tried to really tune down the lighting. Just to experiment with the mood possibilities. (And it is faster to edit stuff by using all realtime lighting, which is really cool ) (Maybe a bit too much.) And I made a few props / displaycases.

Looking good. Can’t wait to see the finished result. =)

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Great start, the museum is coming along very nicely! The LPV pics reminded me instantly of Bioshock Infinite because of the lighting/vibe. The reference pics seem to have a bit more skylight coming in from the glass panels on the top though, so unless you’re going for this look maybe some more ambient lighting will give it less of an indoor/locked museum type feel which I think it has now. I’m not sure how much GI is the limiting factor here, interested to see if baking with lightmass does the trick. I second your “Curtiss Falcon” idea, it’s a definitely a lot more detailed and interesting!

In any case you’ve selected a stunning environment as reference and sometimes that can be half the battle. I think this will look really beautiful once you’re done!

@VSZ Thanks!! Yeah I’m trying to add my own personal touch to the lighting setup. I could increase the intensity of the skylight or the ambient cubemap, but it would give the scene a “flatter” look. I kinda like this dramatic feel.
I am trying a different workflow using realtime lighting first, it is faster to iterate. I could always use lightmass later in the proces. (And maybe compare the performance and quality).

BTW I have a lot of beautiful lighting of Bioshock in my lighting reference folder ^^.


I changed the plane: I think it works better this way.

Day and Night scenario:


  • Texture and details of the plane.
  • Details animals.

Small bonus just for fun: