UE4 Environment - Forgotten Sanctuary

Hey, I wanted to show of this environment that I’ve been working on in Unreal for quite awhile. It’s an overgrown / abandoned temple scene. 100% modeled and textured by myself!


Hehe that rocks man :wink: Coolest video i’ve seen today, 5 stars.
Don’t hesitate to post screenies and video links here.

Thank you, that means a lot!

Awesome! Please do not hesitate sharing more of your work!

Brilliant work!

Also concur with franktech.
A panoramic would be neat!

just want to say the environment mood is kinda good, and the ambient of the scene is brilliant, nice work

Love tone! Keep up the good work.

Wow, it look, sound and feel stunning !!!

Excellent work :smiley:

well done, Daphnis26! The vegetation brings so much life and storytelling on the scene.

Beautiful scene @Daphnis26. =)

amazing ! love the detail and cinematic !

amazing job, it looks super hd