UE4 Environment Artist

UE4 Environment Artist

Classification: Independent Contractor
Department: Production
Reports to: Director of Production
Date: November 2016

Position Summary: Model, texture, and create interior lighting for architectural visualizations in UE4

Required Qualifications:
● A link to your portfolio
● Knowledge and experience working with the Unreal Engine 4
● Completion of a short art test

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
● Modeling architecture based on CAD files, floorplans, and/or photos
● Modeling furniture/assets and creating materials
● Creating and implementing photo-realistic lighting
● Communicating VR issues, design decisions, and any other additional needs or concerns
● Completing revisions to projects as necessary

Skills and Core Competencies:
● Inventive – the ability to create or design new things or to think originally
● Initiative – a proactive self-starter with a commitment to making deadlines
● Meticulous – shows great attention to detail
● Proficiency in the Unreal Engine 4

Work Environment and Schedule:
● Remote
● Part-time, ongoing opportunities
● Project-based assignments

● Competitive, negotiable compensation
● Incorporate your completed art test into your portfolio
● Career advancement in a fast-paced, expanding organization
● Challenging projects that will further develop your UE4 skills

Apply Today: We want to hear from you! Contact us at and include:

  1. Link to your portfolio
  2. Resume (optional)