UE4 Environment Artist Wanted to Edit Scene & Actors for a Demo

Project Title:
Private Demo

We have created a scene in Unreal for a demo presentation happening in three weeks, and we would like to use the next week and a half to two weeks editing the scene so that it is more vibrant and has a real wow factor look to it.

Given the timeframe, we are open to taking pre-made scenes and augmenting the maps with Megascan assets, or, if just editing from our scene and bringing in assets is good we can go with that as well. Whatever works best to get us the best quality in the timeframe (ranging from PS4-PS5 cinematic quality to a bit higher than that.)

Team Name:
Roundfire, Inc

Team Structure**:**
Project Supervisor / VFX Producer
Project Management, VFX Production - 15 years

Creative Director
Technical and Creative direction on over 5 AAA projects for a International Publisher

(1) Rigger and (1) Programmer (C++)

Previous Work:
N/A - Scene is for a tech demo

Talent Required:
3D Environment Artist / Generalist (1)
We want to drastically change the scene so that:

  • The area is a cliff, that leads to a cave to the back of it, and a rocky surface below it
  • Two actors (Two men, or a man and a monster, and a woman) will have the same look and feel as the world around them (we can provide those assets for you to augment)
  • The skybox will include a non interactive ocean off in the distance
  • A dynamic sun and sky to play with (or a really great non dynamic sun and sky with clouds
  • It just all needs to be much more colorful and really breathtaking
  • Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces.
  • Experience with Megascans assets is a MUST

Competitive daily or weekly rate is offered and will be negotiated depending on experience. Looking to start someone this week. Thank you.

Skype: abolden