"UE4 engine has stopped working" every time I click build

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I have attached my log file here. Whether it’s a bigger game or one of the starter games untouched it crashes like this

Hi GentleBeast,

If the editor is stopping and bring up an application has stopped working windows for you to click this is indicative of something in Windows causing the editor to crash.

Can you follow this page and provide the information needed?

Can you also include a copy of your DxDiag attached here?

Thank you!


im sorry but can you direct me to where DxDiag is located?

Start menu > search > dxdiag. This should give you the exe to run and then save the text file.

Here are the files. I also included a screenshot because it wouldn’t let me attach the event file in event file format and I was unsure a text file format would ruin it or not. The screen cap shows the event viewer

Looking at your DxDiag the problem seems to be that it’s using Intel HD 4600 as the GPU.

Do you have a dedicated GPU card? If so, you’ll want to make sure that is being used. There have been known software conflicts with using intel integrated graphics with UE4.

The drivers version of your IntelHD graphics is 10.18.0010.3412 and the latest drivers are now You may want to try updating these to see if you get better results since This version of the driver is a few years after yours was released.

For more information you can try following the update information on this page: Download Intel Drivers and Software