UE4 - Endless blackscreen after package project and click play, why?

Hi, my UE 4.24 project starts with an empty map wich only has 1 intro logo, then another map opens the main menu… but, after I package the project (withouth any error), and double click the .exe, an endless black screen appears, i can only see the mouse cursor; after 1 hour… to stop it, i have to use windows administrator to shut it off, then double click the .exe again, now it takes 15 minutes for each map to load… nonsense, since there is no content at all on the first maps, no idea what to do, or how to fix this, Unreal issue…

Also as i load the game maybe for the 3° time, that´s when i get the “permission to use public wifi” message or something like that, wich means, the first times i doble click the .exe, unreal is not playing at all.

Please help

me too…and i have checked the game default map but can’t find something wrong…
UE 4.26.2