UE4 Editor Stuck at 71% - Tried Rebuilding etc.

Hey folks,

I have the issue that my project won’t open anymore. It gets stuck always at 71%. Meanwhile I can open other projects with no problem.

The whole problem started with compiling my code. I closed the Engine compiled the C++ code via VS and started UE4 again… and now it’s stuck and seemingly nothing happens.

I tried rebuilding, removed Binaries, Build, Intermediate, Saved and .sln. After that I used the option “Create Visual Studio Project Files”. Still no changes.

Logs don’t show any errors/failures that are project related.

In the logs the last entry is always:

 0]LogUdpMessaging: Initializing bridge on interface to multicast group


In the task manager I can see the Unreal Engine process ant it’s doing something. Memory usage goes up but not at all a huge jump. It goes up 0.1MB per minute (kinda).


I experienced same problem a few days ago. 0% cpu usage and got stuck at 71%. My problem was some references in my code were wrong because I changed the location of a blueprinted object in context browser. For example, if you have something similar to following code

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UClass> SomeName( TEXT( "Blueprint'/Game/YourProject/SomeFolder/YourBP.YourBP_C'" ) );

make sure that all of the references are correct. Try reversing the last changes you made to see if something recently you did is causing the problem or not. Make sure that all your references are correct.

The only thing I change in the code was that I set a reference to the player pawn for my AIModule. I removed the line but nothings changed.

F me! I love you dude! I remove some ConstuctorHelpers code lines and now it works! ■■■■ finally!

I am glad it worked :slight_smile:

I’ve just encountered the exact same issue with my log ending at

 0]LogUdpMessaging: Initializing bridge on interface to multicast group

Removing the constructor helper call for my character (from my game mode’s constructor) resolves it, so I went ahead to look for the problem within my character blueprint and narrowed it down to a call to a Get Game Mode followed by a cast to my custom game mode. It works when I remove the cast call. So basically it looks like some issue within my blueprint is causing this.