UE4 Editor starts running game in background at startup without my request

When launching the editor, it starts my game automatically without me doing anything. The only issue is there is no game? It must be a background process that runs. I open the editor and while its open my save game with re-create its self every time I delete it. Keep in mind this is when ONLY the editor is open and when there is NO GAME RUNNING. I’m extremely confused as to why it is doing this. To make it worse when looking at the output log there are thousands of errors that continue to be created. I’ve tried the same project on a friends computer that has the same version of the editor with no issues like the ones I have.

Here are a couple videos showing the issue in more detail:

Trying to delete save file while editor is open

Opening editor and showing output log right at start (without touching anything)

Also I’m using Blueprints just in-case that’s a factor in the reason why it’s having issues.

I fixed this by deleting my local version of the project and reimporting it from my source control, perforce. I still have no clue what was wrong.

Edit 2: And… Now it’s back

Edit 3: I found out one of my inputs (hardcoded in project settings) seems to be running even just in editor. Is there a setting for it to do this or is this a bug? They are my custom inputs called keybindingupdate and keybindingupdate paused. I don’t know why they tick even without being in game.

Edit 4: [4.7.6] Player controller tick event fires in editor - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

This happens to me too, using UE 4.12.5. I have PrintString nodes connected to in my BP PlayerController’s EventTick, and they fire in the editor when the game is not running (showing up in the viewport and the log window). I noticed that they DON’T fire if I don’t have the PC’s BP open in the editor. So if the BP is closed, no spam.

Also, the editor seems to need focus for this ticking to happen. If I give focus to a web browser, for example, the spam stops. But as soon as any window in the editor gets focus again, the spam resumes.