UE4 editor on tablets?

This might be a crazy pipe dream, but what are the odds of ever getting the UE4 editor running on say an Android tablet? I can’t help but think of how cool it could be to do blueprint creation on a touch screen, and then be able to simulate right there on the device.

I dont think the whole UE4 would run on a tablet, but what could be possible (given the limitations of current hardware) is having a tablet as a sort of input device for developing on a PC/MAC workstation. Then the tablets would only have to process and transmit editing information, but not compile shaders, etc…

Imagine you would have the PC to do the hard work and one or more (why not 5 :p) tablets that are connected to the PC (wireless, or cable) and are used as editor windows.
I would de-clutter the main monitors and have one tablet always showing the content browser. Another would be the details panel and another would be the mesh editor, etc.
(Of course it should be possible to habe editor windows on a tablet).

The more tablets you hook up, the more screenspace you have… :smiley:

So, yeah, UE4-for-tablets is a pipe dream, but having the tablets as input devices might actually be possible :stuck_out_tongue:
Im almost tempted to call it a feature request :smiley:

i like idea of tablet blueprint editor, with compiler and without ability to PIE.
but ofс, thats not gonna happen.

+1 nice idea

Definitely not going happen on Android, but might work preeeeetty well on Surface Book

Why not?
The way I envision the feature is that the tablet only gives a UI frontend. All work is done on the main workstation.
All the tablet would have to do is tell the engine (on the workstation) where the user has clicked/tabbed, etc.
Candy crush is more resource intensive…

pretty sure there are apps that will stream your pc screen to an android device and allow you to interact with it already

If only one tabet, yes, it would be a nice “gimmick”, but now imagine having 5 tablets. Plus a workstation with two monitors.
One moitor shows the perpective viewport. The otherone the orthographic views and maybe the world settings.
Tablet 1 would be the content browser, tablet 2 the details panel, tablet 3 wuld be an opened material (instance) editor. Tablets 4 and 5 would show blueprint debugging

Really? Never seen anything interactive… only like “broadcast your screen”, but no interactivity…
And theys would only mirror stuff that is on the monitors already and not expanding the desktop…

Why would you want to buy 5 tablets? Just buy more PC monitors. They are a lot bigger and a lot cheaper.

Yeah, at this point it’d be better to use an actual monitor, even a touch monitor would work.

What would be cool though–would be if you could use a tablet in-game using motion controls to view what the camera sees on the tablet.

just to test I answered using this

dont know if you can expand your desktop with it, maybe you can

I use a Surface Pro 3 and splash top to do landscape painting. Works like a dream. You can also use splash top to use the tablet as a another screen rather than a duplicate screen, so that’s pretty sweet too.

with thisone you can onlyshow whats already on one of the screens…

But tablets allow for more comfortable laid-back editing. Also there is a maximum of monitors you can hook up to your machine.

And just because it would add a little scifi flair to the workpace. :smiley:
All that would be then missing is an LCARS skin for the editor UI :cool:

teamviewer works pretty well