UE4 editor freezing, weird unfreeze way, video

My editor is sometimes freezing, I think mostly when the ram is pretty full. If I open another editor then it unfreezes.

I included a video but i cut the part where it shows the desktop.

win 10 64-bit
nvidia gtx 960

I tried the latest gpu driver and still happens. I’ve had freezes in 4.17 too.
Any logs i could maybe post? I might do a format soon.


Could you provide me with you dxdiag, full system specs, and logs from your UE project? Also have you tried this with one of Epics sample projects? Or is just happening with your own? If it is with your own would it be possible for you to send it to me so I can troubleshoot it.


log1 from project\Saved\Logs
log2 from project\Saved\Logs

i’ll try testing with other projects too first.


Were you able to test this with other projects?

Do the other projects you tested this in take up as much memory (RAM) as yours? I noticed yours took up quite a bit and caused it to at 90%+ when in Editor.

I reinstalled win 10 and I still got some random freezes in my project. Could be something with having specific blueprints open but is not easy to replicate and mostly happens random.
I did tested with other projects a bit and no freezes.


I am marking this as solved for reporting purposes. If you are able to provide files or need any more assistance with this please comment/respond here and it will reopen your question.


This video is from yesterday while working on UI and having other blueprints open.

The ram was around 54% so i don’t think that’s the issue. I don’t know what files would be helpful to provide. Can blueprints that are open in background freeze the editor in such a random way? If so, then i suspect the ones shown in the video. To provide the entire project I’ll be needing an email address since I can’t do it publicly.

You can send me the project on the forums (https://forums.unrealengine.com) at the same username that I have here on AnswerHub. Just send it in a message and if needed provide a download link

I haven’t had any freezes since like 4 days. Right after i get one i’ll send you a link. I did had some hard pc freezes but those started happening after updating to last windows version so I don’t think its related. Those pc freezes also happened while not having ue4 open.