UE4 Editor Crashes on Startup - Intel 3000 HD

Hi all, I am having issues launching the UE 4.1.0 editor after a fresh install. The frontend launches correctly followed by a prompt to create or open a project. For diagnostic purposes, I’ve been choosing the 3rd person blueprint example so the editor would open immediately (though I have tried to launch it from VS2013 as well). In both instances I am met with a crash, error code 90f78349f9f40a21fc650e53c325a505, and a return to the frontend. Attached is my information. Can anyone suggest corrective action?

Thank you.

Log dump and system information

Hey mattuyw,

Would you be able to provide us a copy of your DxDiag?

Sure thing and thank you

Hello again,

Can you verify if your integrated video card is in the Intel 3000 HD family? Also, if you can provide the full model number for your laptop, that would be even more helpful–the DxDiag says you have a HP Pavilion dv6, which has numerous sub-model numbers (such as dv6-2168sl) but DxDiag doesn’t give the full number.



I have the HP Pavilion dv6-6033cl which is of the Intel 3000 HD graphics family.

Thanks for your reply. I will be receiving a dell enterprise laptop with an NVIDIA card tomorrow and try running the engine on that. If I’m still unable to get the editor to run I’ll be sure to let you know.

Hey mattuyw,

Thanks for your information, we have reproduced a crash internally that happens with the Intel 3000 HD family of integrated GPUs. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline for potential fix at this time. Is this the only system available for you to use the UE4 Editor on?