UE4 Editor Bug - Drop Down Menus Shaking

My drop down menus in Unreal Editor shake violently up and down really fast making it hard to click the options. This is happening where there is any drop down menu in the editor. This started after I added a second video card in my system.

Unreal Editor Version:
Version: 4.19.1-3989454+++UE4+Release-4.19

System Specs:

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x
Gigabyte X399 Designare EX-CF
8 x 8GB DDR4 2666 Corsair Vengeance LPX
Samsung EVO 960 M.2 500GB
2 x AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition (Pro Driver Mode in Crossfire)
1600W EVGA Supernova PSU

I have the same issue, but I didn’t change anything to my pc, it just started happening. UE 4.26.2

If you get a chance, Sapix, would you be able to submit a bug report with the issues you’re facing?


same. can not click on menu cause it is too fast to show up and disappear

Same for me. Whenever this happens, I have to restart my editor.

Yep same here only I changed my resolution on Windows and it stopped happening now I just get the menu pops up for a second then disappears. I have to restart to fix.

Strange there has been issues with the Nvidia cards where the menu’s flicker and go black sometimes and it is hard to click on them , or see them sometimes. Restarting the editor then fixes it for a while. Its been said it was Nvidia’s drivers after the 460.89 version i think. But still , it is an odd coincidence.

This issue would happen due to the Enable Window Animations option being enabled. The drop downs would flip up and down if it went off the screen. I think DPI settings also had something to do with it if it wasn’t the cause.

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Disabling Window Animations option fixes the problem. Thanks <3