UE4 Dream

hi. i want improve UE4 for faster Workflow and use less unnecessary brain memory, to save SHORTCUTS becouse realized that usability right now is just Unintuitive and unlogical in some case of shortcuting. i am blender user 2 years now. the more i play with UE4 the more i see what it stops me from making FAST Building maps. in blender shortcuting tools is just paradise compared to UE4, you could realy learn something from blender UI in saving pixels, intuitive control for editor types, and easiness to understand the tools, etc. actualy UE4 , blender and all other 3d programms are all same in some cases. so lets do at least possible to use same features that are same. i BEG YOU

Editor preference:


*immediatly Scale, Rotate, Translate: example: Translate with S R . + when pressing shift + X,Y,Z able to rotate,translate,scale on the axis like in BLENDER

*allow translate objects with right mouse button,

  • mouse pan Sensitivty adjustment

*invert mouse zoom directiom when holding ALT + RM .like in BLENDER

*mouse support for 4th, 5th etc mouse butttons to make shortcut like in blender. so no need to every time to change presetings in mous programms…

*Flight Camera Control >option to use flight only when holding Shift + RM. allow disable RM and/ or allow set shortcut for flight control like in BLENDER.

  • zoom to mouse cursor shortcut

*global pivot

*make unified control in different editor types.
just 1 Example: in viewport is box selection ctrl + alt + LM. in different perspectives like Top, Front, Side is just LM. example> same with selected object Detail window, scroling is with right mouse, but its almost same like muouse pan, just without right or left. make able to change it or unify all

*how about making that by pressing buttons the descriptions of tool,options etc appears in corner to see what you changing.
would super improve learning progress just by trying the buttons out…

like you can see example right now shortcuts and some controls are just unintuitive

if can,make all blender like key shortcut adjustments.
BLENDER is Lightyears away from UE4 in adjusting shortcuts.

i wish there could be plugin for UE4 that placing the global pivot and then setting up blender for UE4 units and with one click in blender the mesh important to the location to 3D pivot. at least for super SPEED UP the UE4 brush buildings… :slight_smile:

in blender i can make a simple box house with door in few seconds , in UE4 with with box brush i need minutes. ToT
realy.my hand starts to hurt if i try always to click on T. R. S. manipulators :frowning:
but not in blender. becouse of shortcuts…
please understand & remember that if you used many years different program that are very similar and need truggling around in brain to remember that specific editor type got different basic control shortcuts.even it could be exactly same.

sry for bad english :rolleyes:

There’s one thing that should be mentioned before discussing : UE4 Editor is not a 3D modeling software. It’s a universal solution to implement game logic.
That’s why it would be incorrect to pay attention only to 3D editing capabilities.
And of course it’s not correct to compare it to software specialized in 3D modeling. It’s like blaming Blender that it’s doesn’t have blueprints making capabilities.

For shortcuts you’ve mentioned. It’s all personal preferences. E.g. I don’t need shift + RM camera flight. More than that, I find it very uncomfortable to hold shift while actively work with WASD.

I won’t blame you for though, because you’re obviously not a progammer but a 3D designer. But is a horrible implementation. Extra mouse buttons must be controlled by mouse software.

sorry i not gave feedback not to change only one options, but more about to think maybe forgotten very important aspect of easy usability for new people.
hey just can you explain me few simple things: what is difference between > mouse pan in UE4 3D viewport / mouse pan UE4 Blueprint editor / mouse pan UE4 Top perspective / Blender / etc. there is NO. so why cant i change it to the buttons that i got used it with. same with other things. if UE4 did the maya controls that i using myself in blender for years, then should be able to change at least other things. anyway i will give up now UE4 becouse of super time wasting by compiling shaders, terrible baking lights times, bad GI, crazy landscape… BUGs & crashes everywhere…its like complete opposite what in tool demonstrations are showed. like easy,fast,and most powerfull graphic features todays… i sure if all fixed and made ( fast workflow not only for UE veterans… ) then UE4 will be SUPER.

i can only recommend for UE4 developers > GET BLENDER AND LEARN TO IMPROVE UE4

farewell UE4

So what if people dont care about blender but user other software?

What you propose is something that would make it easiwer for you, bceause you use blender.
However, not everybody does…

I guess most of game modelers using Zbrush/Maya/3dsMax. And still they have different approaches of navigation.

Every modeling, texturing, and programs out there use different key bindings & mouse controls. It is something you will need to get used to as your list of development programs grows, every one of us has to deal with the same problem. :slight_smile:

Personally I can’t stand the navigation in Blender, was one of the main reasons I stopped using it. UE4 has it’s own key bindings which can be changed in your editor preferences as well.

In my opinion UE4 should not base it’s settings off of any other program, it should allow the user to customize it for their own needs, which it already does and will likely allow more of in the future.

Most serious 3D DCCs I’ve used in the past, including UE4 use the common W-E-R Translate-Rotate-Scale method.

Blender and Lightwave have been exceptions to that rule, and seem to have unnecessarily complex interaction schemes.

For me, blender is the pinnacle of counter-intuitive UIs…

UNBELIEVEABLE !!! after i read all, i thought i have to write back. do you actualy used blender? did you go to User preference > Input and LOOK HOW CUSTOMIZEABLE IT IS!!! omg… you have completely no idea what you talking here. SO PLEASE before next time talk then start use your energy to inform yourself before writing UNNECESSARY!!! realy unbelieveable brains… i just did post here to (maybe remember to improve ) UE4 in customizations. soon its the next logical step anyway if EPIC want attract game makers. its only matter of time if realy are after improving…

I think, at point your problem is that you maybe misperceived the comments in thread as rejective and hostile while they are actually well reasoned and benign.
Noone is really bashing blender here per se. Just the suggestion to take the blender Ui as sort of a role model for UE4 is not that attractive.
And that is how your post came accross.
Basically you pointed out the solution right there.:

So all you would have to do is aligning the blender controls to UE4 and you have a uniform control style in both applications.

Yes, I used blender and, sorry to say, I found it awkward to use. Even with the customization which I did notice.

Of course, UE4 could have “presets” where you could choose golablly to use Maya, 3dsmax, blender, sketchup, zbrush, mudbox, etc…
But the nyou still “forgot” one or two.
Besides, there are more pressing issues to fix with the editor controls (distance measurement).

And just a little hint: When I was young and my caps-lock key got stuck, I just used some WD40 and my posts were nice again :rolleyes:


What’s with the childish response? Just because people aren’t worshipping your favourite software does not mean we “have completely no idea what you talking here

In my extensive experience, most serious developers and 3D artists use either Maya or 3DS Max. Stop acting like an angry kid.

I agree that customization is great. I even tried to make UE4 function like Max at first, with some success. But in the end I just decided to get used to how UE4 did its thing, partially because I work on multiple projects at once and I don’t want to set up each one individually. Maya and Zbrush have their own inflexible navigation as well. Unity is a bit different. In time, your brain is able to (mostly) separate the different control schemes and they all end up feeling natural.

@ Therriault
Absolutely correct. Every now and then I also hit the space bar in max and wonder why the transform control does not change. Copying an object is ALT in UE4 and SHIFT in max.
But you get used to it eventually.

Customization is always nice and very useful but being able to adapt to various situations is the best for a developer. A game developer has to adapt very quickly to new technologies and workflows, if not you wont get a job :smiley:

But that’s the argument for customization. So your brain can do more creative work, not to adapt over and over again to do the same task.

At the risk of sounding controversial:

Blender is a one of most wonderful 3D packages I’ve ever had pleasure to work with. You can really customize it. But it comes with very well thought set of predefined controls out of the box:

R - rotate
S - scale
G - grab

Couple of sequences to show how logical and easy it is to do simple task compared with Max for example:
R x - rotate on X axis
R x 45 - rotate on X 45 deg

S Shift Z - scale except on Z axis

How many clicks you have to do in order to do the same in Max? I’m mean seriously, Max is a tool from 90-ties and nothing really changed in max since then.

There is the beauty of pressing shift while performing one of those (but not only) above actions to get even more precise control.

Guys, Blender is beautiful, logical and easy to work with.

Glad you like Blender man

But literally no one is saying Blender people should switch. You should use what makes you, personally, the most productive. Just like how I’m more productive in C# than I am in C++, as much as I know you hate hearing that :smiley:

Would and don’t hate that. But I would hate if you’d say that C# is more productive than C++, which isn’t true. :wink:

But is not the point. The OP I believe is about making UE4 customizable so everyone can be happy and productive. What’s wrong with that idea?

i find blender ui incredibly confusing and badly designed, but ive been using max since version 6 and its just a matter of getting used to blenders abstract nonsense approach.
having said that, im all for customizable controls in ue4, its a great idea!

one thing that really seems foolish (for want of a better word) is ue4’s flight controls for the editors (blueprint components, phat, ect), sure its ok for map making as is the game world you are making and flight seems reasonable and intuitive.

not sure if its possible already but the option of a simple orbit camera instead of flying would be so much more friendly and easy to use in those editors.

And while we are at it: I would love to see an easy integration of UE4 source with the C++ Builder from Embacadero. That way I could extend the engine with Delphi code (which I prefer over C++). But I will have to learn C++. Thats just how it is.
Although it will take me a decade until Im as fluwent in C++ as i am in Delphi, there is no point in crying for Delphi support as A: Not many people would use it. B: C++ is already a full blown language.


As far as I know UE4 offers both. If you focus on your object, you can hold alt+left mouse drag to orbit your object.

I’m not sure if that’s what you’re going for, as I’m sure you already knew about it. But just in case!