UE4 Download Size / Hard Drive space

How large of a download is Unreal Engine 4 and how much hard drive space will it occupy once installed?

I think it was around 8 or 9GB.

Source from Github is 30MB and the dependencies are about 1.5GB. You can then compile the source, and the editor will be around 14GB.

I’m on a pathetic 1.5 MB DSL connection. So all I would have to download is 30 MB plus 1.5 GB? I’m not a programmer; what would be required to compile the source?

Here is a tutorial how to set up the source code:

Thanks for the link. I have the Visual Studio Free installed. Guess I just need to register at GitHub and shell out my 19 quid. I’m gonna wait for the next update.

In Bangladesh we have only 8MB 5MB.4MB.2MB connections.Most people recomment the 2MB connection cause its only 500TK.While the 8MB is 2000TK.I have 4MB.And i have downloaded at nght because people sleep and the 4MB connection becomes 10MB.

hmm r8 bro.

so what is the overall size of engine

plz tell what was the size of the engine.

download size?

is this download sizE?

Around 7 GB of downloads ( depends on what you need) and 20 GB of dial space. For UE481

i am from Bangladesh also i dint know that we have game devs

so i need to download the dependencies too, i mean explicitly or it will be downloaded with source of the unreal

with the physx build from github and some sample projects loaded in it racked in at around 60gb for me not sure if thats normal lol yes 60gb but then i compiled the source code myself and adjusted a few things.

what is the main download size after downloading the launcher

Engine should be around 9gb download size depending on what options you have selected(debugging symbols etc.). Installed Size is around 30-40gb(selected options from download also apply here).

For me, the entire Unreal Engine folder (4.20) is about 19.9GB. Maybe the actual download size is smaller, since the Epic launcher doesn’t tell you any sizes :slight_smile:

Thats not true, the Launcher does tell you the download and install size!