UE4 dont' have "house"asset?

I’m new in Unreal Engine and i want inser in my game a spooky house , especially the internal objects… i Search on web and i didn’t found any objects house ( horror) free assets , how i can beautify my map without resources?
Can you help me?

Epic/Unreals own marketplace has some great horror packs.

Horror Assets – Click Me

They do cost, but assets on the marketplace is usually worth paying for!


You could also try creating your own assets with programs like blender. Making your own assets may not look great in the beginning but the more you model the better you get and is the cheapest way to go monetarily. Alternatively if you have other skills you could make a deal with other developers or artists and trade services.

I do agree that knowing modeling is important and working wiht level creation you should have a general understanding/knowledge about it. However, seen from an economic perspective in relation to how time/cost effecrive it is, buying assets will always be cheaper in the long run. You may not get the desired art style/look youre going for, but it sure will be quick and easy to get all the assets.