UE4 doesn't detect my android device

I’ve installed the tegra android development pack, set up all the 4 environment var, adb sees my phone but i cant see it in the device manager. What am i missing ?

Do a search for USB drivers for your specific device, and make sure to enable developer mode on your device.

I’m having this problems sometimes, the device shows on adb, I can logcat the device, but it doesn’t show on Unreal. It is driving me crazy, since sometimes it works sometimes not.

Hi vshade,

Do take darthviper107’s advice and double check your drivers, this does typically end up being a driver conflict.


One problem I had was that my phone draws too much power when charging, so marginal (read: cheap) USB cables ended up being flakey. The cable that came with the phone was thick enough gauge that it works fine, but a few reasonable-quality extension cables that works with other USB devices did not work well. This was with a OnePlus One phone, and the thick/flat cable that comes with that phone is apparently different for a reason…