UE4 does not destroy the session.

I have set up a blueprint where when the player clicks quit on the HUD it destroys the session and goes back to the menu. However when I try to find a new session or create a new session it fails to do so. I looked into it and found out that the destroy session node isn’t failing or succeeding.
These were on the log:
[2015.12.18-03.00.24:785][953]LogOnline:Warning: STEAM: Ignoring game search request while one is pending
[2015.12.18-03.25.11:701][263]LogOnline:Warning: STEAM: Can’t start an online session (Game) in state Destroying

show blueprint?

Hello TechnomancyStudios!

Did you find the solution to this problem? I’ve the same issue and I haven’t managed to solve it.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Did you manage to solve this issue? Got the same one.
EDIT: Found a solution to our problem.
We were calling steam too many times (once each frame) cos we had some stupid code. Happend in updategamesession.
We restricted this to only call the steam API when a number actually changed (cached and compared). Hope this might help someone
Best regards.