UE4 does not always delete assets

Deleting an asset in content browser does not always delete a file from the project folder so assets reappear after editor startup. Very annoying.

sometimes this happens just delete them from the file directory.

Hi ,

Are you on a Mac or PC? Also when you delete a file, before closing your project right-click on the Contents folder in the Content Browser and select “Fix up redirectors in folder” and save your Project.

Please try this and let me know if it does not resolve the issue.



Hi ,

I am working on a PC. That assets are not converted to redirectors, and I am doing fixups. They just disappear from Content Browser, but then reappear after restart. The .uasset file remains unchanged.

Delete the file directly from your hard drive then restart your editor

Yes, I know I can. The question is why Unreal Engine can not do this.

Ok, , I think that problem is related to maps. Maps are not delete physicaly, and also maps have problems with moving to another place (try moving the folder with maps somewhere) especially to other plugins.

I’ve tried to repro this with a Blank Blueprint project with Starter Content. Here are the steps I’ve taken:

  1. Open a new, Blank Blueprint project with Starter Content
  2. Open “Minimal_Default”
  3. Delete table asset from the viewport
  4. Save
  5. Close Editor
  6. Reopen “Minimal_Default”
  7. Result: Table remains removed from viewport
  8. Delete “Minimal_Default” map from Content Browser
  9. Close Editor
  10. Reopen Editor
  11. Result: “Minimal_Default” map is still removed from Content Browser and has been removed from the Windows Explorer directory as well. See Image:

If this does not represent the issue you are describing, please list clear steps we can follow with native assets that we can use on our end to reproduce the issue consistently on our end. -Thanks!

I see, try this.

  1. Create new Empty Blueprint Project without Starter Content.

  2. Press save level. In Level dialog create two folders New Folder and New Folder 1. Save Level to new folder.

  3. In CB try Move New Folder to New Folder 1

Result: Level would not be moved.

Thanks for providing clear repro steps; After taking a closer look, I see that this has already been reported as UE-39208 which, if you follow the link, shows that it has not yet been resolved. You can also use this link to track the status of the bug for future reference.

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Not sure if that is the same bug. In my case do this.

  1. Create new map, in New Folder and some Blueprint in that folder. Than add a blueprint to a map. Save everything.
  2. Now move the whole folder to another place.

Result: Blueprint is moved, level is not.

Also another bug I found yesterday.
Open two content browsers side by side, and try to move assets from one to another - drag and drop is just ignored.
Only works if you drag assets to folders tree in other content browser.

I’m not positive that this is a duplicate of UE-39208, so I created a new bug report using your new repro steps that you can track here: UE-42091.

This is by design. If you need to move an asset across windows, you have the option to drag the asset to a different folder in a separate Content Browser window (as you have noted.)

Sounds like not good design, why is that designed that way? Can that design be fixed?

If you open 2 Content Browser’s side by side, you are not seeing two different Content Browsers but a copy of the one and only Content Browser. Thus, moving an asset from one to the other is moot unless you are moving the asset to a different folder. The point of having Content Browsers two, three and four is to allow the user to have a Window that just displays Materials, another to only display sounds, etc.

I don;t get the idea. While I can select in both content browsers different folders, and they are not the same. Or I don’t understand the idea of the same. And both content browsers have their own current path. See no technical limitation to move content from one to another. Strange limitation.

I think I misunderstood what you were trying to do… Yes moving an asset from one folder’s viewport in the Content Browser to another folder’s viewport in a second Content Browser is currently not possible. While this is not a bug, per se, I can put in a feature request if you feel this is hampering your work flow.

Yes, please. Moving files from content browser to content browser is much more convenient, than dropping them to folder tree.

Other Great Feature which can be implemented is moving content between content browsers of different projects - thus opening migrate content window.
Not that that is some very needed feature, but one of that would be nice to have. So maybe when you will have some great update of UE UI usability you will have that in mind.

Your feature request has been officially entered. You can keep track of its status on the following link: UE-42378. Please be aware that since the issue must be reviewed and prioritized by our development staff, it may be a while before it can be addressed.