UE4 Documentation Page Error

Hi all,

I wasn’t sure who to contact with this, but I think I found an error in the Programming documentation ( ) . I believe the subheadings for “Engine Architecture” and “Gameplay Programming” are switched. Clicking on the Engine Architecture heading sends the user to a page titled “Gameplay Programming Reference Guide”, while clicking on the Gameplay Programming heading send the user to a page titled “Unreal Architecture”.

note: The URLs look similar, but I think the page contents are meant to be switched.

In any case, thanks for providing so much documentation on the engine! I’m excited to start working with it and things would take a lot longer without all this info for reference.


Thanks for the heads up. Looks like we got things a little tangled there. I’ll fix it up. :slight_smile:

Code Error


I also wasn’t sure which way use to send this feedback. I think I found an error inside an example code, since this is a documentation error thread I’m just going to post it here, I don’t feel like opening a new thread.

In Introduction to C++ Programming in UE4 (
The first example for TArray section goes like this (lines 1-9):

TArray<AActor*> ActorArray = GetActorArrayFromSomewhere();

// Tells how many elements (AActors) are currently stored in ActorArray.
int32 ArraySize = ActorArray.Num();

// TArrays are 0-based (the first element will be at index 0)
int32 Index = 0;
// Attempts to retrieve an element at the given index
TArray* FirstActor = ActorArray[Index];

In the last line a pointer to TArray class is used, while it should be a pointer to AActor class, shouldn’t it? Like this:

AActor* FirstActor = ActorArray[Index];

Anyway, thank you all so much as well for such a great documentation. I really feel like I don’t need anything else to start with the Engine as well as to go deep inside it.

B. Vigueras

Yes, you are correct. We will get it fixed up.

There are a couple errors in the behavior tree quick start documentation. Page 12 links to page 10, and page 13 links to page 11. The info that should be on pages 12 and 13 is currently inaccessible.
links to page 10
links to page 11

Getting this fixed will be greatly appreciated.

We are aware of those issues and they are being fixed. Thanks!