UE4 DnD, Choosing Players and Dungeon Masters

My friends really like playing DnD and use Roll20 to play it. The problem is, that visually it isn’t very appealing. So they asked me if I could make DnD game that would just handle player representation.
I have no problem doing that. My problem is that I do not know how to add a dungeon master. My plan is to make him able to right click his units and direct them there kind of like an rts. But how would I make a blueprint that would allow the player to choose between a character or a dungeon master?

That would tie into a Widget to select either the player or dungeon master, and then you would have two different player blueprints, and in those blueprints you would set up the different controls you use. Be sure to check out the RTS Toolkit in the marketplace if you want to spend money or find something on youtube you like for an example on how to code a few functions.

Thanks!, im thinking of somehow having something like team select at the beginning. And depending on the team you choose, that would decide what controller or player blueprint ,as you stated, you would use. This can be done with the game mode blueprint right?