UE4 Development for IOS. Do I need to create a Payed IOS Developer account?

Hello everyone. I was just going through the getting started material for IOS debelopment and when I added my apple ID in Xcode it said that my account was not part of any development team. Following all the links it took me to the $99/Year site.

If i want to deploy a UE4 project to my phone, do I need to have this Apple ID with that paid subscription? or is there another way?

Yes, if you want to deploy to a device, you have to either pay to become an individual member of the iOS Developer Program, or you have to join a development team that’s a team or enterprise member.

Thanks Jeff. is it the same for Android?

Android you can develop without any fee. You can even generate the .apk and install on as many devices as you want.

Yep. Android is a lot easier in this regard. You can install on any Android device, you just have to change a setting on the device to allow it. On iOS, the whole provisioning / certificate / code signing song and dance is really unpleasant. Much better than it used to be, but still unpleasant.

Thanks Guys

Does that go same with packaging your app for IOS if your not part of the IOS dev program. I tried packaging my app on IOS on windows even though I’m not part of the dev program but it gave me the Sorry, “packaging a code-based project for the selected platform is currently not supported. This feature may be available in a future release.” Which is weird because my project is not code based. And then two error popped up saying signing key not found, and provision not found. Do I need those two plus become part of the IOS dev program to package my app on windows for IOS. I’m saying this because i’m worried that packaging wont work for windows becasue I don’t have a Mac and my project is pure BPs

You can’t package for iOS with Windows. For iOS development you have to have a paid iOS Developer account, after that you create a provisioning profile which will allow you to test on devices. You can use your provisioning profile to test using Windows, but for the final app you have to submit using a Mac, that’s an Apple issue, Epic can’t change that.

Yeah, this was literately the reason I switched to android, so I could package UE4 games…