UE4 developers for VR customisation ecommerce project

[PAID] UE4 developers for VR ecommerce project

Project Title:
VR customisation platform

We are a chinese-foreign start-up based in China (Xiamen and Guangzhou), focused on creating the first customisation platform in the chinese market. We are looking for UE4 developers and artists to join out team (part time or full time) and create the VR version of our customisation platform. This would be a long term project that goes along with our app and website to bring the consumers the best customisation experience. The first version we are preparing is for using with HTC vive in offline stores.


  • Cool customisation user experience
  • Ecommerce VR solution
  • Integration to API
  • HTC vive support

Team Name:
MiID technologies Ltd.

Previous Work:
web/web mobile: www.miid.com , App available for IOS and Android (finalising beta version now, but downloadable)

Talent Required:
UE4 Developer:

  • Experience with UE4 development (blueprints/ C++)
  • C++ knowledge
  • Game design and development processes knowledge
  • (Desirable) Git, Agile, Scrum experience
  • (Desirable) Experience working with international remote teams
  • (Desirable) Possibility to travel

UE4 Artist:

  • Experience with UE4
  • Good rendering skills
  • Basic modelling/retopo skills



what u mean by customisation ?

Our platform only sells customisable items. Meaning that the user can always design the product before he buys (like NikeID)