UE4 Developer Needed

Hi - I’m looking for a UK based UE4 developer to work part time remotely on an hourly rate. We are a small team consisting of one main developer and another working on Laravel back end, all working part time. We need additional part time help to get the App finish. You need to be experienced in UE4, Blueprints and C++.

If you are interested please let me know.


Great, we have experience working with Laravel on other projects so I’d love to chat with you about what you are doing. Are you looking for someone to handle back end development or mainly a frontend person?

hi still do you need any developer? Basically i am from UK but now i am working in india.From here i will work for you based on remotely. I have great experience with laravel development projects. Now do you need any laravel developer for your project work. If you need laravel developer means i will help you. you can see my laravel project examples to this portfolio page.

UE4 is undoubtedly an amazing cross platform , but there is another cross platform <a href=“”> UNITY </a>. You can give it a try as it gives an amazing result.