UE4 Developer C++/Blueprints (for our title funded by a top AAA Publisher)

We @ ORCARI Games are looking for YOU.

Our team consists of several industry veterans and we have set ourselves the goal to bring out a special game title as a new company.

We are Epic Game Dev Grant recipients and we are also funded by one of the top publishers in the industry.

You have the chance to be a part of it.

We are looking for junior and senior developers who want to take on higher challenges in a remotely managed team, but have the chance to immediately immerse themselves in the AAA publisher world.
We are looking for developers in the following areas (but not limited to):
Platform UE4 Developer C++/Blueprints
Gameplay and AI UE4 Developer C++/Blueprints

Please send us your application to

(Please use the mail address, PMs are not monitored regularly)
(We can answer faster if the application is meaningful and detailed)