UE4 Developer (BPs/C++/Animations/AI)

Hello! We are Ghortesque Games Ltd. and we are looking for help with our project Phoenix Born.
The work IS paid, however we are a very new family ran company so the hours might be few each week (we work ourselves to fund for the time being, fingers crossed that changes soon). Ideally we are looking for someone who shares our vision and wants to become an integral part of the team. I decided to do this (create a game publishing company and game) because for so long there just has not been anything worth playing in my opinion, and others have shared that opinion with me so I figured why not try to create a game that I’d love to play myself. One that I actually will play myself and one that I’ll enjoy. Obviously we plan to turn a profit, but that is not our main focus.

We have multiple projects on the blackboard, however Phoenix Born is our first and main focus.
Phoenix Born is an MMORPG like the rest, however completely different. Its a third-person community driven free market economy-styled medieval-steampunk world.

10 Different weapon types
4 Types of Magic
Over 30 skills including over 20 trade skills
100+ monsters
Hundreds of unique items
Prefix and Suffix for equipment

Currently the project has already been developed a bit we just need things that dont work working and then AnimationBPs, Attribute System, Leveling/Experience system, Tradeskill System and NPC AI. Once these are ready we feel we would be ready to release a single player demo to build interest, while needing to add multiplayer/server support etc eventually.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Contact info:
Discord: Snirf#9238