UE4 Dev kit demo download?

I’m just an average home user that wants to get into game development.

But I’m not so sure about paying $19 just to try out and learn UE4.

I’m currently ( but just barley ) starting to learn the layout of UDK, but UE4 looks like a much smoother work environment / layout.

I started out with UDK because it was free to work with and I learn best by doing as opposed to only watching videos.

Is there some way I can try UE4 without breaking my bank account?

Welcome in the forum!! :smiley:

Unfortunately there is no free/demo version of the UE4 :slight_smile: But you could pay the 19$ once and then cancle your subscription -> you will be still able to use the engine, but you dont get any updates anymore

So I don’t have to have an active subscription to work with my current version of UE4?

Nope, but as I mentioned, you wont get an update when e.g the 4.5 will be released. But then you can always re-subscribe and you will get the latest version :slight_smile:

Is the infinite world feature in UE4 yet?

Is it possible for me to shrink down player to a really small size in order to make the map seem 1,000 times bigger than it normally would?

I think you mean the world composition tool ^^ -> yep, it’s already in the UE4 ?v=fUx8vLosDLY

Very nice.

Is it possible to set that up so that it will generate a random map?

Everything is somehow possible with the UE4 ^^ (you have access to the source code) but it will be hard to do something like that. Take a look at some other threads with the same question: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Search/index.html?q=random+map+generator&x=0&y=0

20$ is not going to break your bank account imo :stuck_out_tongue: