Ue4 deleting files even after i saved everything

i’ve been having this major problem where whenever i save all and quit, i come back and see a lot of assets and blueprints get deleted please help.

This is most likely a corrupt game file, so assuming the assets are fine,

Try out these steps:

  1. Create a new clean project
  2. Navigate to ‘/Saved/Backup’
  3. In a different window, navigate to ‘/Content’
  4. Copy all of your most recent backup files from and paste them into

As these are .uassets, you can simply drop them into the game itself, it has to be through Windows Explorer.

Using the Windows snap feature is very helpful for dragging the files from one window to the other.
You’ll have to recreate the folders, unfortunately.

There could also be a few tiny errors from importing that are easy to fix, and there could also be reference issues.
And if this problem occurs again, you may need to copy the second most recent backups, as the assets may have been corrupted between saves.