UE4 Default Skeleton/Mannequin Rig for 3D Studio Max

Is there a default rig for the default skeleton that I can open in Max so that I can create animations?

I don’t want to acquire and install Maya just to use the toolkit. I don’t even need a toolkit, just a rig is fine, so w/e I animate will work immediately in UE4 with the mannequin.

I don’t know if you’ve tried this but you can export the mannequin from UE4 as an fbx and import it into 3DS Max. The hierarchy remains in tact and ik handlers are included. However, you would have to create your own rig controls and parent them to the joints. In short, it gets you most of the way there but some work will be needed. Considering the large # of 3DS Max users, I’d imagine someone must have already done this.

Exactly, hopefully someone is generous :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone know of a 3d studio max rig for the mannequin?

there is this one, but it doesn’t start out in the default t-pose:

you also have to curl the fingers manually which is a pain.