UE4 default character not moving

Hi everybody, noobish question for you :slight_smile:
I’ve created my project starting with a ''blank project".
Now I want this game to be a third person game, so I would like to import the default unreal engine character.
I’ve just migrated the blueprint folder from the ‘thirdperson’ to my project, set thirpersongameplay into world settings and game mode, but when I play, the character is not moving.
What did I do wrong?
Is there a cleaner way to convert my blank project to a thirdperson one?
Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Did you happen to change the project settings to the thirdperson template/game instance etc?

You probably need the inputs… you can export them from the 3rdp project settings then import them to yours. As far as I know that won’t migrate but not 100% sure. That would by my guess though.

the inputs can help