UE4 Dedicated server

Hi I am beginner of ue4 programming.

I have question with dedicated server.

I had followed this tutorial, link text, so that’s nice.

But I want to apply to my launcher installed project from this, I have no idea.

Do I must download engine source for standalone dedicated server?

Is there anyway from my project build with dedicated server?

help me…

Yes, you will have to install the engine from source to add support for dedicated servers for your project.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

If you want to run a dedicated server for development purposes its possible to do it without source build

I want to run dedicated server on my machine, so I will have to use engine source. Thank you for comment! :slight_smile:

helpful for me! thank you so much! XD

No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

Please tell us how, @ . It is such a pain building from source and takes hours!

That works without source build. To package you would require source build of course!

Thank you. I was looking for a way to get dedicated server on packaged games without source build though.