UE4 Decompile C++ Source code

Hello, I did some researches about protecting the code, but as i know the textures and models can be ripped also the blueprints and animations, I’m wondering, If the game source is written with C++ and some blueprints, can the c++ code get decompiled?

All code in any shape or form can always be decompiled, though it is not a particularly easy process and the results are not usually very readable.

A “good” C++ decompiler costs around $2000 usd so it isn’t as freely accessible as .NET decompilers (that can be found for free all over internet).

Cost is unlikely to matter for the people who would use this… working copy of hex-rays is only 1 google search away. Still, just re-writing the code from scratch is probably more effective than trying to decompile it.