Ue4 database odbc

I’m developing an studient Project and i need some help with ODBC database connection.

I use a program where i model an element and also some information parameters asociated to those elements.
My idea is to export those elements and information to ue4 and modify on it. And if it’s possible export them back to the original program.
Maybe its so difficult but i hope it is not impossible…
I thought that the only way was to export the model in .fbx and the data by odbc database and after open it in unreal engine 4 and connect the database with each element.
Do you have any better idea or program to do it?
As u can see, im not a programer so it would be better for me if i can do the most part of it by blueprints.

I’m thinking about PAY or associate with someone in order to go ahead with it.