[UE4] CyberNeon

Hi Everyone,

It has been for a year and half, CyberNeon project has finally been finished!

4K 60FPS Video:

[UE4] CyberNeon

[UE4] CyberNeon 360 Panorama

It’s an impossible mission!!!

I really wanted to create something that was combining Blade Runner 2049 styles and Chinese cyberpunk styles from sketch to final environment art.

I get started this project back in October 21, 2017 and finished in March 14, 2019. As I work full time at 3BLACKDOT, I only worked on the project after work and on weekends.

This is the best personal project that I worked on.

I am inspired by CyberRunner that created by Josh Van Zuylen, That’s why I get started work with this long term project.

Thank you everyone for supporting and feedback!