UE4 create HUGE logs files and crash

Hi! I was having some excessive use of RAM issues with my 2D game (14gb of ram used with this pretty simple level, 80 sprites and like 20 custom blueprints like health pack, spikes, jump platform, etc.) so I tried to isolate the problem, and the only weird thing I found was some pretty massive LOGs files, between 1 and 9gb each. why is that? I read somebody already had that issue with 4.4(he didn’t resolve the issue) I’m in 4.12.5 (I just verify the files)

I will attach my DxDiag, and the last dump file!

[link text][1]


Well if those logs are so huge then UE4 did some heavy logging. Maybe it logged some error every frame and as time goes logs got pretty big and led to application slowing down / crashing. Did You opened them?

Although it’s a large file, it would be best if you were able to upload a zipped file containing Test2d2.log so that we can take a look at what information is actually being logged. You can upload this to Dropbox or Google Drive and provide a link when it is complete.


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