UE4 crashing when change event dispatcher name

Hello all,

I’m hopeful that someone else has run into this issue and has found a fix:

I have changed the name of an event dispatcher and now I cannot delete it, nor rename it back, nor use it in my level BP. Basically my entire game’s production is halted because I can’t do anything since UE4 crashes now when I try to correct the event dispatcher or try to “play” the level.

The original name of the class BPs dispatcher was “YouHitMe” and it was used in my level BP here:
you hit me.png

I then went back and changed the name to “MusicWallHit” in my class BP:

So now when I wish to replace “YouHitMe” with “MusicWallHit”, UE4 crashes every time. And it crashes when I try to Play the level. It also crashes when I attempt to delete either the dispatcher from the class BP or the event from the level BP.

I’m not sure what to do besides completely redo the game and take note to NEVER change event dispatcher names.

~Thank you,

I’m experiencing the same situation with UE4.6.1. Did you find any solution for this problem or started from scratch?