UE4 Crashing - Requested texture2d x size too large: 32768, 16384

I’m trying to use world composition to import tiles for a 40km x 32km landscape. The tiles were exported from World Creator @ 4033 x 4033. 80 tiles altogether.

If I try to load 3 of these tiles at once (forget even thinking about loading them all like I keep seeing people do in youtube videos), UE4 crashes with this error:

Assertion failed: SizeX <=
[Line: 570] Requested texture2d x size
too large: 32768, 16384

UE4Editor_Core UE4Editor_Core
UE4Editor_D3D11RHI UE4Editor_D3D11RHI
UE4Editor_D3D11RHI UE4Editor_Engine
UE4Editor_Engine UE4Editor_RenderCore
UE4Editor_Engine UE4Editor_Engine
UE4Editor_Core UE4Editor_Core
UE4Editor_RenderCore UE4Editor_Core
UE4Editor_Core kernel32 ntdll

I don’t know what “texture2d” is… during import, I selected a grass material from Quixel Megascans as default material. I also enabled “edit layers” so I can actually edit the landscape after import. Import happens fine… but when I try to load more than two levels, UE4 crashes with the above error.

I can’t even load all levels once to properly center the map in the world composition viewer.

My machine has 40gb of ram. So that shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m at a loss. Searching online has turned up nothing. Posting here and hoping someone out there knows what to do.

I do remember during importing seeing something about “compressing Texture2D_63”… not sure what that’s about/for because I’m importing height maps only and that’s not the grass material I mentioned above.

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I’ve done more troubleshooting and found that this crash/bug appears to have something to do with “Enable Edit Layers” feature during import. I started over from scratch and imported everything without “Enable Edit Layers” selected. This time, I can load many tiles and move them about in the World Composition panel without any issues.

But by not choosing to enable edit layers, I’m concerned I won’t be able to properly edit my landscapes. I’ll keep playing around and see what happens. Would love feedback from someone with more knowledge on the subject to chime in. Thanks!

Hey Neighbor,
The Facebook group I’m in suggested that it could be not having enough VRAM I have a GTX 1060 w/ 6gb VRAM. I can load 2 of them, but if I hide one of them in then I can load another. I haven’t had much time to troubleshoot.
I tried creating a bunch of small landscapes but I eventually get the error when i reach about the same size. I did find a small program that shows the vram usage. It does seem to agree with the suggestion.

Hey thanks for the response! I’m using a 1080ti with 11gb ram… so I would certainly hope that’s not the problem. Also, when loading tiles, it’s the system ram that goes up. When trying to load all 80 tiles just to try and shift them, it maxed out all 40gb of system ram. Maybe it’s both? I don’t know, this gets very frustrating. Going to to try out some more testing today.

hi, having same trouble with an empty project. Had nothing imported. I was just trying to understand how to use cinematic camera and now whenever i try to edit levelsequence UE crashes. have no idea why. Any comments?